How to Be Eccentric?

Answer Short hair is eccentric, but cute.Expressing your inner craziness is essential, but it can sometimes be hard. With everyone following the latest trends etc, being different can be socially degradin... Read More »

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How to Be Eccentric in School?

Being eccentric is one of the most wonderful things. This article will give you some tips on how to have an eccentric personality.

How to Be Eccentric and Preppy?

Some people might say, "If you are going to be preppy, just accept the style and don't mix it up." But if you like some things, but still want to keep your eccentric side, then read on.

How to Be Eccentric / Eclectic?

Want to delight in a world of difference and unique being? Give consideration to aspects of being often overlooked or devalued? Maybe these 'tips' will help you.

How to Be Eccentric or Eclectic as a Teen?

Eccentric and eclectic personalities tend to make the world a more colorful and fun place to live. If you tend to follow your own unique creative way of doing things and have a wide variety of inte... Read More »