What is the definition of durable medical equipment?

Answer The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines durable medical equipment as specialized medical devices used in a patient's home or institution. This includes breathing apparatuses, transportatio... Read More »

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Durable Medical Equipment Technician Training?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, durable medical equipment technician jobs are projected to grow by 27 percent, with better than average employment opportunities. Technicians repair, calibrat... Read More »

Can a Medicare patient receive reimbursement directl from Medicare for purchase of durable medical equipment?

Answer ABSOLUTELY THEY CAN! Wherever you bought your durable medical equipment should be able to bill Medicare DMERC on your behalf. They send in the claim for you and they have to check the box to... Read More »

If a medical equipment device is involved in an incident suspend use of the equipment and keep everything as it was at the time of the incident controls accessories etc What other actions should you?

Given a population of 5000 covered lives with balanced risk what is the total of the revenue paid directly to health care providers RX medical equipment plus any and all medical care?

Answer You'll never get the true stats on this one.It varies from hospital to hospital. One thing to keep in mind, when asked for money from a hospital to buy even a second-hand piece of equipmen... Read More »