What if your sister is dumb?

Answer all you got to do kid is tell her she rocks and she will be smart about it ;)

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What is the meaning of dumb terminals?

Dumb terminals have no built in intelligence. I am older so I used dumb terminals years ago, for a while. They served their purpose. You can't store data, or process it. For instance, if you want t... Read More »

What are the problems of deaf and dumb persons?

What is the derogatory name for a T.V. Is it Dumb box or something else?

What is Aim beauce i am not sure to be fair yes i know i am dumb lol?

AIM stands for AOL INSTANT MESSENGER.It's a service where you chose a username, and friends can send you a message. It's like email, except that it is delivered instantly and your friend gets an al... Read More »