What is the definition of drug addiction?

Answer Generally, addiction begins in a youth's adolescence or early adulthood, meaning it is imperative for communities to exercise early preventative measures, according to the National Institute on Dru... Read More »

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Drug addiction help...?

ok first off to the chick that said you can't be addicted to weed, thats bs, you can...second i think that you should def seek professional help, he won't get over his addiction without it, there's... Read More »

How to Beat Drug Addiction?

Here are some helpful tips for those who are trying to get clean and stop using drugs.

Nurses & Drug Addiction?

Nurses are known as hardworking, compassionate caregivers. But the long hours, emotional and physical stress of the job and easy access to drugs can provide an environment ripe for substance abuse.... Read More »

Employee Rights & Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction can catch employers completely off guard. It's important to understand your employees' rights regarding addiction and treatment. According to, two thirds of drug ... Read More »