What is the definition of downloading music?

Answer The process of acquiring a song from an Internet source and placing it in your personal computer is the definition of "downloading music." There are legal and illegal ways to download music, but th... Read More »

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What is the penalty for downloading music?

More than ever before, the availability of digital content to the average Internet user has skyrocketed. However, though there are many legal ways to download music, more and more people are turnin... Read More »

What is illegal in downloading music?

It basically is stealing music without buying it....

What are the dangers of downloading music?

Just because it's free and easy to download a Michael Jackson song on a file-sharing network, it's not necessarily a safe choice. Downloading music illegally poses both legal and computer virus thr... Read More »

What is wrong with downloading music?

Downloading music from an Internet site that does not pay the artist for that work is definitely wrong. It's like walking into a grocery store, taking whatever you please and walking out the front ... Read More »