What is the definition of downloading music?

Answer The process of acquiring a song from an Internet source and placing it in your personal computer is the definition of "downloading music." There are legal and illegal ways to download music, but th... Read More »

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Downloading music without CD?

it's called stealing. everyone does it so it must be ok, right?

Help with downloading music?

U should change the default music player heres a link how to

Top Music-Downloading Engines?

There is no denying the power of music, nor the popularity. With hundreds of genres, thousands of artists and millions of songs, there is no end to the audio enjoyment that is available. Purchasing... Read More »

When is downloading music a bad thing?

Digital files are fast becoming a favorite way to buy music, but downloading the music may be bad on several levels. Sound quality may be uneven, or the music illegally obtained.Sound QualityMost m... Read More »