What is the definition of double pass flag football?

Answer A double pass in flag football is low-risk gimmick play that can produce great results. The term, "double pass" describes the quarterback's pass to a receiver who subsequently throws another pass d... Read More »

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What does a red flag mean in football?

Coaches in the National Football League are given red flags that they can throw if they want to challenge a call made by an official. The coaches can throw up to two flags per game. Once a red flag... Read More »

What is the definition of the confederate flag?

The confederate flag was the national flag of the Confederate States of America's (1861 to 1865). The first, second and third confederate flags were named the Stars and Bars, the Stainless Banner a... Read More »

How to Play Flag Football?

Flag football is similar to touch football in that they both are a non-physical approach to the game of football. Instead of tackling your opponents, you pull a flag that's attached to the other pl... Read More »

How many people play in a game of flag football?

Going by National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association rules, a flag football team can field up to seven players at a time. You can field as little as five people before the referee declares ... Read More »