What is the definition of dishonorable discharge?

Answer Dishonorable discharge is defined as separation from a branch of the United States armed forces as the result of committing some type of grave offense. Grave offenses warranting a dishonorable disc... Read More »

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What is the criteria for changing a dishonorable discharge to honorable discharge?

If a Dishonorable discharge (DD) was recieved, it is highly unlikely any change will be made. DD is the most punitive discharge characterization that can be awarded. The process is to apply for a c... Read More »

Is a Bad Conduct Discharge worse than a Dishonorable Discharge?

A Dishonorable Discharge is the the worst fate conceivable.

Does the military ever reverse an honorable discharge to a dishonorable discharge if he or she commits capital murder after being discharged from the military?

No. If you commit a crime as a civilian after you've been separated from the military, it has no impact on your discharge. Not that it really matters - you get convicted for a capital crime, no dis... Read More »

Can you re-enlist after dishonorable discharge?

General rule of thumb, no. While it may not be necessarily impossible, your chances of being able to reenlist with any type of RE4 code is extremely unlikely.