What is classroom discipline?

Answer Classroom discipline is a major part of every teacher's job. Limiting disruptions, dealing with unruly students and keeping schoolwork as the main focus are the goals of classroom discipline.TypesT... Read More »

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What is positive employee discipline?

Positive employee discipline is a way of maintaining order and discipline in the workplace that seeks to avoid harsh punishments. When used properly, it has several advantages over normal disciplin... Read More »

At what age should you discipline a baby?

At 11 months, she's old enough to understand some discipline, and some boundaries. The best way to discipline at this age is through guided behavior - tell her to give a toy back, then gently guide... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Discipline in the Classroom?

Students need discipline for several reasons during the school day. Many times, though, some of these disciplinable offenses can be prevented with proper classroom management and planning ahead. Ha... Read More »

What is the doctrine of progressive discipline?

Progressive discipline is a method of correction, comprised of steps that incrementally increase in severity to give an employee an opportunity to correct a behavioral or performance issue at each ... Read More »