What were the attempts of the Big Stick policy and Dollar Diplomacy?

Answer just used that one above and got it wrong!!! use this one :increase United States power in Latin America

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How to Be Good at Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a necessary part of human life. From diplomacy between governments to diplomacy in the workplace, the negotiation of relationships to solve disagreements while avoiding open conflict i... Read More »

Why is diplomacy a key part of the US foreign policy?

The fact that the US is the military and economic superpower anyone who is allied with the US benefits from it

Who was the president during the dollar diplomacy?

The term "dollar diplomacy" was coined by President William Howard Taft. It refers to a United States foreign policy that stresses U.S. economic and financial strength in the world. According to ... Read More »

Theodore Roosevelts Big Stick diplomacy?

It says that European kings and queens cannot start any colonies in the Americas.