What Is a Cordial Set?

Answer Cordials are strong, sweet alcoholic beverages and may be flavored with fruit, nuts or spices. A cordial set is a set of small glasses that hold liqueur designed for serving cordials. ... Read More »

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What is a cordial drink?

A cordial is a sweet alcoholic spirit infused with some sort of fruit, plant, flower or other flavoring agent. The word "cordial" is generally synonymous with the word "liqueur," though "cordial" i... Read More »

What do you serve in a cordial glass?

On One Hand: After DinnerMost people use cordial glasses, also known as pony glasses, for serving small amounts of liquors after dinner, according to Drinks Mixer. They usually hold between two and... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Cordial & a Liqueur?

People often use the words liqueur and cordial interchangeably. They both fall into roughly the same category of spirits. However, different ingredients are used to make cordials than to make lique... Read More »

How to Make Coconut Cordial?

This is a version of wine but it is made out of coconut. It is just as strong as any regular kind of wine.