What is a great prank call conversation?

Answer read the whole thing and try it. its funny.with a chinese accent:you: your chinese pickup is readyperson: I didn't-you-(inturrupt)- eggroll..wonton...chicken...sushi..person-i thinkyou have the wro... Read More »

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What does crossing your arms mean in a conversation?

Among those who study body language, arms crossed over the chest is often interpreted as a sign of defensiveness or disagreement. Many body language scholars believe body language is more honest th... Read More »

What happened to ESPN Sunday Conversation with Tim Howard Clip?

People get attracted to ESPN because they want to watch sportscenter to see what they missed or to watch whatever is on like nascar or a football game

What is a sound board I can use to prank call mcdonalds so I can actually have a conversation?

Thx for answering my question and yeah I catch him staring at me all the time especially when he's in line getting his lunch...

How to End a Bad Conversation?

We've all been in that situation before; the conversation is losing it's flare, the person/people you are talking to is/are getting bored, and there's nothing else to say - so it may be time to end... Read More »