Three Types of Collisions That Can Happen at the Boundary of a Convergent Plate?

Answer Plate tectonics is the scientific theory describing movements of the Earth's lithosphere, or outermost shell. A convergent boundary, also known as a destructive plate boundary, is a region in the p... Read More »

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Boundary dispute: my neighbour claims that our boundary line is wrong?

The clue is the fact that she might be mental, she may be Bi-polar in which case she is convinced that she is right and you are wrong.Ascertain who visits her, daughter, neice, sister etc, and have... Read More »

Convergent Thinking Activities in Science?

Convergent thinking is a style of thought that follows a particular set of logical steps to arrive at a single best possible answer. Most subjects in school require this kind of analytical process ... Read More »

How to Make a Boundary Survey?

Boundary surveys are carried out whenever there is doubt about the exact boundary lines and position of the corners of a piece of land or property. They also reveal any unauthorized encroachments o... Read More »

How to Find the Boundary of a Circle?

Finding the boundary, or circumference, of a circle isn't as easy a pie, but you need the value "pi" for the calculation. Pi, or the number 3.14159, represents the relationship between the boundary... Read More »