What is the definition of contraband under the Texas penal code?

Answer "Contraband" is the legal term for common items connected to a crime. The Texas Penal Code details how common items become contraband in the state.Items Used To Commit A CrimeAnything used to aide ... Read More »

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How to Search Your Car for Contraband?

We have all heard horror stories of otherwise innocent people being arrested when contraband they are not aware of, left by friends or criminals, is found in their vehicles by law enforcement. Foll... Read More »

How to Control Contraband in Prison?

The illegal ownership of goods, or contraband, is an increasingly problematic issue in most prisons worldwide. Contraband is used as an unofficial currency in most prisons, where prisoners achieve ... Read More »

Contraband Seizure Policies?

Contraband consists of expressly illegal goods, such as controlled substances, weapons or obscene materials, or goods that are considered contraband due to the illegal nature of their use or the le... Read More »

Is mailed food and candy considered contraband in military prison?

The government does determine whether someone has committed a criminal offense through the process of a trial. This applies to all criminal acts. Added: In the case of Al Qaeda, (and other persons ... Read More »