Why do the the Swiss have conscription?

Answer There are several reasons as to why Switzerland introduced and sustains conscription to date.From a historical point of view, Switzerland is made up of states (Cantons) which all possessed their ow... Read More »

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What are the positives for conscription?

The United States Air Force is by far the most powerful in the World. There are many other formidable air forces, notably those of Israel, France and the United Kingdom, Germany, PR China, India, R... Read More »

Conscription in Switzerland?

Switzerland has mandatory military service or all able-bodied male citizens, who are conscripted when they reach the age of majority, though women may volunteer for any position.People determined u... Read More »

You were born in 1940 why did you miss conscription?

The Selective Service Program is and was an imperfect system and it was subject to abuse. There were numerous possibilities to avoid the military draft in th US, here are a few: You had a physical ... Read More »

Is conscription different to compulsory national service?

Yes, they are different concepts. Conscription is a draft, pulling people in based on random drawings or sweeps grabbing bodies. Compulsory National Service is a system where everyone knows that th... Read More »