What is the definition of composite materials?

Answer Composite materials are formed when two different types of material known as the matrix and reinforcement are merged together to form one. Each material retains its own property when combined and i... Read More »

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Sources of Composite Materials?

Composite materials are man-made engineered products created from two or more natural or man-made materials with different chemical and physical properties. Composite materials combine the unique p... Read More »

Composite Fencing Materials?

If you've ever seen a fence made from plastic-based materials, you've experienced composite fencing, in which a fine wood pulp is blended with a plastic binder to create pressed boards or planks th... Read More »

Projects on Composite Materials?

Composite materials or composites are rich fodder for science fair projects for students and individuals to undertake. Composites are materials that organically or by design consist of two or more ... Read More »

Can composite materials be painted?

Composite materials can be painted, although they do not absorb paint as well as wood. For better results, composites should be weathered for 3 to 6 months before painting. Once painted, they need ... Read More »