What is the definition of common area for a condo?

Answer A common area is defined as a real estate asset that is usable by all members of the community, and is owned in common by all owners. At least one sub-definition is limited common area, meaning th... Read More »

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Is an condo attic which owners maintain considered common area?

Read your governing documents to determine the line where your private ownership ends and common ownership ends. If it is common area: Owners (plural) maintain the attic area, this is proper, since... Read More »

Are pipes between the interior and exterior walls of a condo considered common area?

You can find the answer you want in your state's condominium law, where ownership default boundaries may be defined. Then, you can read your governing documents to determine whether the state's def... Read More »

Can a unit owner of a condo have a notice of trespass be issued against him in a common area?

Everything depends on the variables involved in the situation. For example: Is the area a common area, or a limited common area reserved for the use of owners, but not all owners?Has the owner been... Read More »

Definition of common vs individual condo egresses?

If you have a specific area on the property that prompts your question, your governing documents define common areas, limited common areas and individual unit ownership parameters. Usually, common ... Read More »