What Causes Dry Coarse Hair?

Answer Dry hair is coarse, unruly hair that shows signs of damage such as brittleness, split ends and breakage. It's caused by a lack of natural oils produced by your scalp to keep your hair soft. Althoug... Read More »

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What Is Extra Coarse Water Softening Salt?

Water softeners work on a chemical principle that "hard" water containing calcium and magnesium will easily trade places with sodium in a weak reaction. The hard water might leave white lime deposi... Read More »

What to Do When You Have Tons of Thick Coarse Hair?

An age-old problem many women struggle with is how to remove unwanted thick, coarse hair. Shaving is a losing battle with this type of hair, as it tends to grow back quickly and is often very dark... Read More »

What is the best way to "thin out" thick/coarse asian hair?

I don't know about thinning it but I think layering would add volume

Coarse Hairstyles?

Coarse hair is the thickest type of hair. It is often difficult to style because it is dry, wiry and heavy. In order to manage coarse hair, you must condition it regularly and find a style which wo... Read More »