How to Take off in a Cessna 150 and Climb to Cruising Altitude at Best Rate of Climb?

Answer This article aims to in a few simple steps show you how to take off in a Cessna 150, and climb to a cruising altitude using best rate of climb (Vy). This article in no way replaces the need for les... Read More »

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What is the origin of the song"Climb Up My Apple Tree"?

The name of this song, where the singer is asking the listener to climb up his apple tree, is actually "Playmates." It was written by Saxie Dowell in 1940 and performed on an album featuring Hal Ke... Read More »

What does"one more hill to climb"mean?

"One more hill to climb" is a phrase that describes a person or persons who have one more goal to achieve before success. This saying is commonly used to describe sports teams who are close to winn... Read More »

What are the lyrics to Hannah Montana's song the climb?

I can almost see it That dream Im dreaming but Theres a voice inside my head sayin, Youll never reach it, Every step Im taking, Every move I make feels Lost with no direction My faith is sha... Read More »

What must the CyberSquad climb to stop Hacker from broadcasting his voice across Cyberspace?

The cybersquad must climb a HUGE ladder on the skywall in order to stop hacker from his voice being brodcasted into cyberchase. I hope this helps you. It truly helped me! :)