What is the definition of classical music?

Answer The term "classical" is commonly used generally to mean serious art music as opposed to popular music, but the term "classical" actually refers to a specific period of serious music. The works of S... Read More »

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How did classical music transfer into different genres of music?

Although classical music keeps its own niche among symphony orchestras today, much of it finds its way into different genres of music. Over the years, jazz and rock music have borrowed heavily from... Read More »

What is the pitch in classical music?

Pitch, or sound frequency, must meet a uniform standard for classical musicians to play together harmoniously. In current standard pitch, an A equals 440 cycles per second.Standard PitchStandard pi... Read More »

Difference Between Classical Music & Modern Music?

Classical music and modern music differ in many key ways. The most obvious way is their respective time periods. Classical music is typically considered music made before the 19th century, whereas ... Read More »

What does classical music mean?

Classical music is defined as music specific to the classical period. The musical period is broadly defined as that from 1750 to 1820.SignificanceClassical music is considered a more serious form o... Read More »