What is the definition of a class 3 felony?

Answer A class 3 felony is less serious than a class 1 or 2 felony, but generally carries a fine, a prison sentence of more than a year, or both. State legislatures decide which crimes fall into the class... Read More »

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Definition of Hybrid Class?

As colleges and universities grow, educators seek alternatives to traditional face-to-face courses. Hybrid courses are one such option.

What is the definition of ISO 91583 class code?

what is the meaning and use of an iSO code, can it be used to import nad export products within countriesmalaika

What is the definition of mood in an english class?

The word "mood" has two different meanings for English students. Mood can be a term used in literary criticism or creative writing. It is also a special verb category of grammar.Literary Significan... Read More »

The Definition of Class Action Suits?

A class action lawsuit allows multiple plaintiffs to sue the same defendants, while choosing a single plaintiff to represent the entire group of plaintiffs (the "class"). Parties who don't wish to ... Read More »