CIA Clandestine Service Training?

Answer The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of several government agencies responsible for protecting U.S. national security interests. Its primary function is to collect and manage intelligence t... Read More »

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How do you become a cia clandestine operator?

KGB--now you can complete that crossword puzzle!

How hard is it to get hired by the CIA as a clandestine operative?

They do drug busts and also try to take down gangs and drug dealers.

Does mi6 have a clandestine service like the cia?

because cia say that their clandestine service use guns and go into dangerous hostile places, but the mi6 say NOTHING about that, and i know being in the mi6/sis is not like James bond so don't sta... Read More »

What is the difference between high definition and very high definition tv?

High definition television is defined by the HDTV standards of 1080 line and 720 line images. Any image format that uses these line counts is regarded as HD. 1080i (interlaced image) and 1080p (pro... Read More »