What is the Golden Rule of Christianity?

Answer Some call it the ethic of reciprocity; others call it the Golden Rule. In the Bible Jesus taught this rule to his disciples, and it became a cornerstone of Christianity and a pillar for human relat... Read More »

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What are some of the philosophical issues in Christianity?

Just briefly I will list a few of the historical issues within Christian philosophy.First there would be the philosophical issue of theism in general: Namely, the existence of God. Philosophical re... Read More »

How to Convert to Christianity?

So you've been thinking and you want to convert to Christianity. These are a few steps to help you learn how to convert.

How to Leave Christianity?

Christianity not doing it for you? Want to leave it and explore religions? There are many steps to leaving a religion, many very hard, but easy when explained.

How to Praise God (Christianity)?

Glorify the Lord with meChoose to have the joy of the Lord and learn to praise God better. Realize that your joy, your confidence, and your hope come from the Lord!