How to Do a Cheerleading Tic Toc?

Answer Releasing your flyer and re-catching to transition a stunt can be a difficult thought and possibly even harder to pull off. Pressing your flyer down and then pressing back up while releasing with e... Read More »

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How to Do the Low "V" in Cheerleading?

The low V is a easy basic cheerleading move. Read on to learn how to do one.

How to Do the High "V" in Cheerleading?

Maybe you know what it means to do a High V in cheerleading... But you can ALWAYS improve, learn, or see exercises to strengthen and better your not only High V but every other cheerleading hand mo... Read More »

How to Do the Best at Cheerleading Tryouts?

Do you want to be a cheerleader? If so, you have to go through something that every past, present, and future cheerleader has to do. Make it through tryouts. If you want to do your best at cheerlea... Read More »

How to Do an Elevator in Cheerleading?

An elevator is the second highest cheer stunt made with one stunt group. Cheerleading is about trust and if you do not trust your stunt group, don't try this! This stunt is very simple and almost a... Read More »