Definition of a Rope Chain?

Answer A rope chain is a type of chain that looks like a rope. There are a variety of materials that can be used in making these chains and the materials are twisted, braided, woven or overlapped to give ... Read More »

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Definition of Smoking Gun?

According to Princeton University, a smoking gun is indisputable evidence, usually of a crime. If you come across a crime scene, and a smoking gun is still in a shooter's hand, with a victim on the... Read More »

What fairy tale character was featured in the second Speed Chain on today's Chain Reaction?

because they did not want toWould you stay with a guy who named you "cornfed"??????? think about it

At what angle should I sharpen a chain saw chain?

Chain saw cutting elements have two faces, the top plate and the side plate, and three different angles. The top-plate angle should be between 30 and 35 degrees, and the top-plate cutting angle sho... Read More »

What does smoking cigarettes, and smoking weed do to a growing fetus?

Stop smoking dope and coffin nails now or your baby will suffer the consequences. Marijuana and cigarettes are morally wrong, don't you know that?Brain damage, physical deformities, mental retarda... Read More »