What is the IRS definition of business casual?

Answer Although the IRS stipulates that business casual prohibits shorts, its description ends there. According to, business casual is "attire that is acceptable for an office but quite cas... Read More »

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Is it too casual to wear flip-flips to an office with a casual dress code?

If the flip flops are rubber or the ones you would wear at the beach or gardening then yes to casual, but I have nice sandals that have no backs and go in between the toes that I think would be con... Read More »

What is a casual cocktail dress?

Some cocktail parties are casual gatherings of friends in a living room or by a swimming pool. For such occasions, a traditional cocktail dress would be overkill, and a casual dress is entirely app... Read More »

What Is Dressy Casual Attire?

There are many dress code policies that depend upon location, time and place. Deciphering these codes can be tricky, especially when there is not a general consensus on appropriate attire. The easi... Read More »

What is the best casual dress?

On One Hand: Casual DressThere are several variations of casual dress including business casual and sportswear casual. The best casual dress combines formal items with casual. Jeans are no longer c... Read More »