What is the definition of cardiac?

Answer Cardiac is medical terminology that has its roots from the Greek word "kardia," meaning heart. Any phrase that includes "cardiac" would imply that it has to do with the heart. For instant, cardiac ... Read More »

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Cardiac Technician Job?

The primary job of a cardiac technician is to operate electrocardiogram equipment. EKG machines trace electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. The cardiac technician attaches electrodes to the... Read More »

Cardiac Anatomy?

Cardiac anatomy consists of the physical structure of the heart. According to Gray's Anatomy, one can describe the heart as "a hollow muscular organ of somewhat conical form," laying in the chest ... Read More »

What is the cardiac diet?

Patients who are overweight--yet need heart surgery quickly--take part in a program known as the cardiac diet. This is the same type of diet that's used by patients in the weeks after surgery, and ... Read More »

What is a cardiac diet?

A cardiac diet is one that is designed for either treatment or prevention of cardiovascular or heart disease. It is also recommended for those with dyslipidemia, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.Pla... Read More »