What is the definition of boot camp?

Answer The phrase "boot camp" can have a number of different meanings depending on the context in which it is used, though the first definition is by far the most predominant.Boot Camp as Military Trainin... Read More »

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What Is Boot Camp?

There are numerous group exercise classes for you to choose from if you want to work out. If you like high-intensity exercise and want to be motivated and pushed hard, choose a boot camp class. Boo... Read More »

What to take to boot camp?

Everything you will need will be provided by your service when you get there. Only pack what it will take to get you to your duty station- one change of clothes, a wristwatch and a basic hygeine ki... Read More »

How to Get in Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is an Mac application that comes installed on the Leopard operating system. The application lets you work in a Windows environment with a couple of clicks of your mouse. This is useful wh... Read More »

How to Use Boot Camp?

Since the release of Apple OS 10.6, Apple computers (Macs) now have the option of running a variety of operating systems, not just Apple OS X. Apple's Boot Camp utility lets you create a hard drive... Read More »