What is the definition of bodily injury insurance?

Answer Bodily injury insurance protects people who are injured in an automobile accident caused by another driver. It is so important that most states require motorists to carry this insurance. If motoris... Read More »

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What is bodily injury liability car insurance?

Bodily injury liability car insurance offers you financial protection in the event someone driving your car causes an automobile accident and someone is injured. Bodily injury liability car insuran... Read More »

What is the type of insurance that covers bodily injury and property damage to others?

I didn't study for this test (haha)1-Liability2-Uninsured motorist if you were a pedestrianCollision if it's a hit&run in your car3-Risk & Loss4-Comp & Collision5-Driving penalties6-All of them

Is bodily injury auto insurance tax deductible?

No, bodily injury insurance cannot be deducted from your federal income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service does not allow you to deduct any portion of your car insurance that goes toward paying co... Read More »

If an auto insurance pays for medical claims and a settlement is received from an at-fault driver for bodily injury is that to repay the insurance co?

AnswerAccording to my insurance company, if i receive money from the at fault other driver as in a settlement, then yes I have to repay my own insurance company for the medical related expenses the... Read More »