How do bail bonds and bail agencies work?

Answer If you or a loved one is arrested you will need to understand what bail bonds are. If you are going to use the services of a bail bond agency, you also need to understand how they work, and what y... Read More »

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What is bail?

Americans are guaranteed due process in the judicial system, but that process can take months if you decide to waive your right to a speedy trial. Instead of leaving you lingering in jail during pr... Read More »

What are bail bonds?

A bail bond is a written contract signed by an defendant, or a guarantor, who promises to pay a certain amount of money dictated by the court should the accused refuse to appear in court. A bail bo... Read More »

What is exonerated bail?

Bail is the money or property used to free a defendant awaiting trial. Bail is exonerated when the collateral used for bail is released by the court. Bail is exonerated when it has served its purpo... Read More »

What are bail bondsmen?

A bail bondsman, or bail agent, is an individual or corporation, which facilitates the release of a defendant by posting a surety bond to the court. If the bond is not placed with the court, the d... Read More »