What is the most awkward movie?

Answer The entire movie DeliveranceSqueal like a pig............…

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What was the most awkward moment you've had at a restaurant?

I wanted to tell my Dominoes story here but I have told it before and standing in line for pizza doesn't really count as a restaurant.We were at a restaurant in Disney World when my ill 5 year old ... Read More »

Is awkward more like a kids show or what?

No it's for teenagers/young adults . It's not a show for kids as it has sexual things in it The length if a show doesn't mean it's for kids. All comedy shows are a half hour.

What is the most awkward combination of food that you like?

Well...I like anything sweet with anything salty. Also, anything sweet with anything spicy. It's kind of a family thing--an acquired taste, in some cases, too. Right now, I'm eating mango with chil... Read More »

What should I do if an awkward part of my hand gets injured detaile inside --->?

the brace couldnt hurt.... and make sure you ice it a lot.If it doesnt get better in a few days check with your doctor