What is the army asi for air assault?

Answer The ASI for Air Assault is 2B. You are able to put it on your ERB now.

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What is simple assault?

According to, simple assault is defined when a person attacks another with the intent to harm them. Though it contains the word simple, this is a serious charge that can c... Read More »

What is the official army assault rifle?

The standard issue assault rifle used by all US troops is one of five incarnations of the M16. Some troops use the M4 carbine, a similar weapon to the M16.

What is the statute of limitations for assault in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, the length of the statute of limitations depends on the type of felony the court classifies the assault. Automatically categorized as a "Class Y" felony, sexual assault charges have a ... Read More »

What is the newest us army assault rifle?

As far as what's on the official inventory, it would be the FN-SCAR, which currently is only used by special ops units. As far as a general issue rifle goes, it would be the M16A4.