What is the definition of asexual reproduction?

Answer Asexual reproduction is a process that does not involve meiosis or syngamy. In asexual reproduction, new organic individuals are created from the cells of a single organic parent. During this pro... Read More »

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What is an advantage of asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction has several advantages. First of all, asexual reproduction proceeds more quickly and sexual production and is easier because no partner is needed. Furthermore, the organism can... Read More »

What is asexual cell reproduction called?

Asexual cell reproduction is generally called, simply, asexual reproduction. It is found chiefly in cellular organisms, and rarely in multi-celled organisms. A formal term for this type of reproduc... Read More »

What is another word for asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction is scientifically referred to as agamogenesis. Agamogenesis is commonly used to describe cell division and multiplication. Organisms that undergo this type of reproduction incl... Read More »

What group of fungi form conidia during asexual reproduction?

Members of the phylum Ascomycota group of fungi produce conidia (a type of spore) during asexual reproduction, according to the University of New Mexico. Organisms that belong to this class are som... Read More »