Why are border patrol in the US so anal retentive?

Answer Because, and I quote: "...fresh fruits and vegetables can introduce plant pests or diseases into the United States. One good example of problems imported fruits and vegetables can cause is the Medi... Read More »

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How to Keep Food Hot at the Table Using Heat Retentive Plates?

CROSS SECTION DWG.Keeping food hot at the table is a very old problem; once the food is on the plate it will get cold very fast, the plate immediately steals heat from the food or to say it more sc... Read More »

What is anal cancer and how do you get it?

Anal cancer is cancer of the rectum. Or the end of the Large intestine. The first 6 feet of the large intestine is known as the colon or 'bowels'.. the last 6 inches of this large intestine is kn... Read More »

What bad things can happen, if any, if i had anal sex?

as long as you use lube and relax its fun :)if you worry about the risks your just going to not enjoy it cuz your already tense. start in the vag then do it in the @ss.

Guys, what do you do to combat external anal itch?