Why are border patrol in the US so anal retentive?

Answer Because, and I quote: "...fresh fruits and vegetables can introduce plant pests or diseases into the United States. One good example of problems imported fruits and vegetables can cause is the Medi... Read More »

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How to Keep Food Hot at the Table Using Heat Retentive Plates?

CROSS SECTION DWG.Keeping food hot at the table is a very old problem; once the food is on the plate it will get cold very fast, the plate immediately steals heat from the food or to say it more sc... Read More »

ANAL sex?

Goodness . . . I feel scared having people like holyvarny around. I don't know why people feel a need to put their own personal feelings and opinions into answers that should be based on facts.Her... Read More »

Anal Sex!!!!?

Some people claim that anal sex causes the sphincter to relax and can lead to leakage later in life. I've also seen that those reports are entirely made up just to scare people away. Maybe WebMD ... Read More »

Why Anal Sex?

Some women enjoy it. In order for it to go well there needs to be lots of foreplay, she needs to be actually turned on, she must relax, and lubrication is important. Also, go slow. She needs to ... Read More »