What is the definition of an lp record?

Answer An LP is a vinyl record, often referred to as an album, that rotates at 33.3 rotations per minute (rpm). They were introduced in the 1940s and were widely used until CDs became popular in the 1980s... Read More »

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If you record with a high definition camera, can you view the video on a television without high definition?

Yes. if the video is recorded in high definition it will play on a standard or low definition will not notice the full high definition as the tv can not display it but it will play the video.

Definition of Public Record?

According to FOI Advocates, the Freedom of Information Act requires almost every unclassified document possessed by a federal agency to be shared with the public. States, in turn, passed similar le... Read More »

How do I record high definition tv programs?

Recording high-definition TV programs requires a signal from a cable, satellite or over-the-air source transmitting high-definition video. You'll need a component capable of recording the signals s... Read More »

My Flip Camera Will Not Record. turns off as soon as i press record and does not charge properly?