What is the definition of an immediate annuity?

Answer An immediate annuity is normally funded with one lump sum premium. It is also referred to as a single-premium immediate annuity, or SPIA. The first distribution to the annuitant must be made within... Read More »

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Immediate Annuity Disadvantages?

Immediate annuities, in exchange for a lump sum initial payment, begin to pay out a fixed income immediately. While there are several advantages to immediate annuities as investment products such a... Read More »

How to Cash Out of an Immediate Annuity?

An immediate annuity is a type of life insurance policy. Unlike traditional life insurance policies, which provide a large sum to your beneficiaries upon your death, an immediate annuity provides s... Read More »

Can you rollover a 401(k) into an immediate income annuity?

Yes. You can roll over a 401k or other qualified retirement plan into an immediate income annuity. The immediate income annuity should be titled as an IRA to ensure there is no taxable distribution... Read More »

Is an immediate annuity considered an asset for required withdrawals at 59 1/2?

Immediate annuities can be funded from qualified retirement assets or from other non-qualified sources. Annuities funded with qualified retirement assets fall under the same IRS rules as any qualif... Read More »