What is the definition of an effective communicator?

Answer Although every living creature learns communication skills beginning at infancy, effective communication requires a tremendous amount of attention, forethought and cognitive recognition of the enti... Read More »

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What Is the Definition of an Effective Air Conditioner?

An effective air conditioner is an air conditioning unit or system that both efficiently cools a home or building while being environmentally and economically sound. According to Energy Star, an ef... Read More »

Definition of Effective Meetings?

A meeting can be defined as a collaborative work process designed to answer the who, why, how and what of a particular objective. Characteristics of ineffective meetings include passive participant... Read More »

What is a Microsoft Office Communicator?

Microsoft Office Communicator is an application that provides several modes of communication among multiple users over an intranet or the Internet. Video, audio and text communication are available... Read More »

What is Microsoft Office Communicator 2007?

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a communication tool that allows users to connect and share information from a central location using a variety of tools and methods. Settings within the progr... Read More »