How to Be an Atheist?

Answer Contrary to what you might think, atheism isn't necessarily the "easy way out." Just like religious people, atheists have their own boundaries, beliefs, and ethical stances.

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I'm hosting a Super Bowl party today for a group of my closest atheist friends. What would be some good ...?

I' m assuming this one is BYOB, eh, ((((Olga)))?And by B, I don't mean Bible...

How to Become an Atheist?

Atheism, in its broadest sense, is an absence of belief in the existence of gods. This definition includes both those who assert that there are no gods, and those who make no claim about whether go... Read More »

How to Relate to an Atheist?

Not all of them will wear their views on their shirtsThis article seeks to help theists understand the viewpoint of atheists and relate to them in a respectful way.

How to Be an Atheist Parent?

Being an atheist in a religious culture is a challenging situation and being an atheist parent is an even more daunting position for one to be in. Have you ever asked yourself how you can be an ath... Read More »