What is the definition of alternative energy?

Answer Concerns about the environment and climate change have led to policies aimed at promoting alternative energy to replace traditional coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy sources. The term alternative e... Read More »

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Sources of Energy & Alternative Energy Reserves?

Many countries, including the United States, are pursuing new energy sources, both conventional -- generally from fossil fuels -- and alternative, generally from renewable resources such as solar p... Read More »

Alternative Automobile Energy?

Dwindling supplies of oil have forced us to look for alternatives. Hydrogen and electricity are currently at the forefront of the race for new fuels for use in transportation. There are others bein... Read More »

Two Alternative Energy Sources?

Energy demand will rise to 678 quadrillion British thermal units by 2030, an increase in worldwide energy consumption of more than 30 percent from 2011 levels, writes Kathiann M. Kowalski, the auth... Read More »

What is alternative solar energy?

Solar energy is a renewable alternative to the use of traditional fossil fuels in power production. Solar panels collect the sun's radiant energy, and through a process called the photoelectric eff... Read More »