What is the definition of aerobic exercise?

Answer According to the University of Michigan, aerobic exercise is an activity that forces the muscles to use oxygen for longer than three minutes. They recommend aerobic exercise as part of any exercise... Read More »

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How to Tell Aerobic from Anabolic Exercise?

Aerobic and anabolic exercise differs greatly. Different energy systems are used in the body and, as a result, each form of exercise will create differing effects. Seasoned athletes and fitness ent... Read More »

What is a blood pressure reading during aerobic exercise?

The top number in a blood pressure reading indicates artery pressure at the moment of a heartbeat; the bottom number indicates pressure in the space between beats. Because your heart rate increases... Read More »

Aerobic Respiration Definition?

Aerobic respiration is the method used by our bodies to release energy into our cells. This is accomplished by a series of chemical processes in which our cells convert molecules of a simple sugar,... Read More »

Definition of Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria?

Bacteria are extremely small, single-celled microorganisms that can exist either freely or as a parasite. They are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a microscope. Broadly, bacte... Read More »