What is the definition of alcohol addiction?

Answer Alcoholism is a major problem in Western society and in the US, many people go untreated for this disease because they do not believe they fall within the parameters of the definition of alcohol ad... Read More »

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What is the definition of drug addiction?

Generally, addiction begins in a youth's adolescence or early adulthood, meaning it is imperative for communities to exercise early preventative measures, according to the National Institute on Dru... Read More »


perhaps you can go to a counselor. they can help you out with that. i'm glad you broke off addiction and i hope you can successfully live without it.

Vicodin Addiction, Help Please! :(?

Tough situation... Here's a little background on what you are dealing with:Vicodin is a synthetic opioid. In other words: it is an opiate. Commonly prescribed medication in this class include codei... Read More »

What is Vicodin addiction?

Vicodin is a powerful painkiller that can become addictive if not used properly. While Vicodin use may begin casually, people will need to take more as the addiction worsens, eventually finding it ... Read More »