What is the definition of active military duty?

Answer Active duty is defined as full-time duty as a member of the Armed Forces (United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and their reserve components), Public Health Service, or ... Read More »

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How do you prove active military duty?

After a person has left the service; they are given a DD-214 piece of paper which shows when they served in the Armed Forces. If they lose their original, I am sure they can get a photocopy (for a ... Read More »

What constitutes active duty in the military?

Short answer: No.The US military branches permit, encourage, and support families; that is they provide support and benefits for the spouse and dependent children of service members.A girlfriend is... Read More »

What is the longest active duty military?

Admiral Rickover (4-star) - Father of the Nuclear Navy with 63 years active duty.

Can you sue the military after you are removed from active duty?

You can try. It is highly unlikely you will be successful. The only defense the government needs is the statement "for the good of the service." Keep in mind, they keep all the records.