What is the definition of a zoot suit?

Answer The zoot suit was a fashion staple for young men during the 1940s. It represented a new breakout style, featuring wide shoulders and tapered legs on the pants. Zoot suits came in a variety of brigh... Read More »

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Who invented the zoot suit?

Harold C. Fox, a tailor from Chicago in the 1940s, is credited with inventing the first Zoot Suit in 1941, inspired by his like of the cut-down suits that poor teenagers of Chicago wore at the time... Read More »

How to Turn a Tuxedo Into a Zoot Suit?

If you cannot afford a zoot suit, here's how to turn a tuxedo into one.

When were zoot suits popular?

The zoot suit was popular during The Swing Era of the 1930s and 1940s in the United States. It was known for its long, knee-grazing blazer and relaxed-fitting, button-front pants.References:Zoot Su... Read More »

What is big bird's suit made of I've been wondering this for a while and i want to make a replica suit of him.?