What is the definition of a xeon processor?

Answer Xeon processors are a brand of microprocessors from Intel Corp. aimed at business, professional and other nonconsumer server, embedded system and workstation markets. Xeon processors deliver enhanc... Read More »

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What is a Xeon processor?

The Xeon processor is an Intel-brand server processor. A server processor is typically used to render web pages. It uses different types of RAM than processors used on desktops and laptops and requ... Read More »

Which is more powerful: the Celeron or the Xeon processor?

The Xeon processor is more powerful than the Celeron if the two processors are from the same generation. Intel manufactures Xeon processors for high-end business computers such as servers and works... Read More »

How Can I Get Gmail on My LG Xeon?

When you setup your Gmail account on your LG Xenon mobile phone, you can access your email messages from any location where you have a network connection. The Mobile Email application on the phone ... Read More »

Are Xeon processors 64 bit?

Yes. Some Xeon processors are 64-bit while others are 32-bit capable. Intel, manufacturer of Xeon processors, released 64-bit capable Xeon processors in 2004 and has continued to manufacturer Xeon ... Read More »