What is the definition of a xeon processor?

Answer Xeon processors are a brand of microprocessors from Intel Corp. aimed at business, professional and other nonconsumer server, embedded system and workstation markets. Xeon processors deliver enhanc... Read More »

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What is a Xeon processor?

The Xeon processor is an Intel-brand server processor. A server processor is typically used to render web pages. It uses different types of RAM than processors used on desktops and laptops and requ... Read More »

Which is more powerful: the Celeron or the Xeon processor?

The Xeon processor is more powerful than the Celeron if the two processors are from the same generation. Intel manufactures Xeon processors for high-end business computers such as servers and works... Read More »

What type of socket does the pentium xeon use?

Early Xeons, circa 1998, used Sockets 603 and 604. According to Intel, most modern Xeon microprocessors (all 5000 and 7400 series models, and most 3000 series models) use Socket LGA 771. However, m... Read More »

What is faster a core2duo 2 processor or pentium4 3ghz processor?

CORE2DUO is faster.P4 processor is enough for this game but game is not need only cpu the most important hardware for video game is Graphic Card if you have poor video card it will get lagging in g... Read More »