What is the definition of a wind farm?

Answer A wind farm is a group of wind generators (or turbines) used to generate electricity. If these collections of generators are connected to the power grid, they provide green energy on a renewable ba... Read More »

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How many wind turbines are at the Klondike Wind Farm in wasco, oregon?

There are a total of 242 wind turbines at Klondike Wind Farm, Wasco, Oregon. The first phase, Klondike I, only had 16 turbines. The second phase expanded the farm with another 50 turbines, and curr... Read More »

How many wind turbines per acre are installed in a wind farm?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides calculations for the amount of land you would need to build a wind farm. It uses an estimate of 0.25 acres per wind turbine, or four wind turbines ... Read More »

What is the largest wind farm in the world?

CBS News reports that as of 2009, the largest wind farm in the world is the Roscoe Wind Complex in West Texas. The 100,000-acre complex contains 627 turbines, with a capacity of 781.5 megawatts, wh... Read More »

What Are the Effects of the Nysted Wind Farm on Birds?

The Nysted wind farm is one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world. The wind farm is located in the Baltic Sea, 10 kilometers south of the Nysted Harbor in Denmark. The wind farm includes ... Read More »