What is the definition of a water hammer?

Answer Pipes and plumbing are a boon to modern society but they can also cause headaches. Water hammer is a sound of knocking within the pipes in the walls and floors of a house.DefinitionWater hammer is ... Read More »

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What is a water hammer in a pipe?

A water hammer is a banging or rattling sound in water piping that occurs when water is turned on or shut off. With a true water hammer there is usually a single loud bang followed by a rattling s... Read More »

What is water hammer waterhammer?

Water Hammer is best described as the result of instant decrease of volume through the piping system.For instance: If you have a pipe and valve in the fully open position then the pressure is being... Read More »

I have read the article on Wikpedia but still do not understand! What is a water hammer pulse?

It is not "normal". If you have it, you will definitely feel it. When it occurs, it feels and looks like your pulse is going to beat through your skin. A fever can increase the "hammer-like pulse".... Read More »

How to Cure Water Hammer?

Water hammer is a loud hammer noise that radiates from plumbing. It occurs when there is a sudden change in water pressure. The change in pressure occurs most dramatically when plumbing fixtures a... Read More »