What is the definition of a water hammer?

Answer Pipes and plumbing are a boon to modern society but they can also cause headaches. Water hammer is a sound of knocking within the pipes in the walls and floors of a house.DefinitionWater hammer is ... Read More »

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What is water hammer waterhammer?

Water Hammer is best described as the result of instant decrease of volume through the piping system.For instance: If you have a pipe and valve in the fully open position then the pressure is being... Read More »

How to Cure Water Hammer?

Water hammer is a loud hammer noise that radiates from plumbing. It occurs when there is a sudden change in water pressure. The change in pressure occurs most dramatically when plumbing fixtures a... Read More »

How to Add Water to Your Map in Hammer Editor?

So you've made your map, but you feel like it's a little dry? Water can add some visual flair to your map as well as interesting gameplay possibilities. Here's how you can add water to your hammer ... Read More »

What is a water hammer in a pipe?

A water hammer is a banging or rattling sound in water piping that occurs when water is turned on or shut off. With a true water hammer there is usually a single loud bang followed by a rattling s... Read More »