What is the definition of a votive candle?

Answer A typical votive candle consists of 2 oz. of wax and burns approximately 15 hours. Most beginning candle-makers start with votive because they are the easiest to make. When burned properly, votives... Read More »

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How can I remove dried candle wax from a glass votive candle holder?

Easy. Just run some hot water in a sink or bowl and soak for about 10 minutes or so. The wax will soften and slide right off. It should be solid enough to pick out of the water. Avoid letting it... Read More »

How to Make an Ice Votive Candle Holder?

This votive candle holder is simply beautiful, perfect for outdoor parties. Remember, this holder is ice, so it will melt. Keep it outside in under 32 F weather, and it will look really, really awe... Read More »

How long will a votive candle last?

A standard two-ounce votive will burn for approximately 8 to 12 hours. Burn times depend upon wick size, wax type and candle holder. To ensure a longer burn time, use a proper votive holder. Contin... Read More »

What is a votive offering?

The sight of candles burning in a church can add to the mystical atmosphere some houses of worship maintain. However, candles lit as votive offerings have a much more significant meaning than simpl... Read More »