Different Verb Tenses?

Answer Verb tenses allow you to denote specific action during different phases of time, clarifying when an action occurred, its order in relation to another action and whether the action is still continui... Read More »

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What Are the Nine Verb Tenses?

The essential purpose of tense in English is to indicate the time in which the action of verbs occurs. There are nine basic verb tenses relating to the past, present and future, but the number of t... Read More »

How do I conjugate the verb"ir"?

Simple TensesAccording to the book "501 Spanish Verbs," by Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris, the Spanish verb "ir" (to go) has 14 tenses. Considering only the first person singular in the i... Read More »

How to Write Without the Verb "To Be"?

The most ubiquitous verb in the English language, "to be" is an irregular and often vague verb. It appears as "am," "are" and "is" in the present tense. Its other forms are "was" and "were" in the ... Read More »

How to Use a Predicate With a Verb?

A noun, or subject, without a predicate is like a Ferrari with an empty gas tank: it's still a noun, but it can't go anywhere or do anything. And unlike a Ferrari, it does not have a radio to liste... Read More »