What is the definition of a stereo microscope?

Answer A stereo microscope contains separate eyepiece lenses for each eye. A slightly different field of view is provided by each eyepiece, enabling a three-dimensional view of the specimen. Stereo micros... Read More »

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What is a stereo microscope?

When a person views something through a typical microscope, the object generally appears flat, as though it has no depth. A stereo microscope is a specialized microscope that shows the depth of an ... Read More »

When was the stereo microscope developed?

The stereo microscope, sometimes called a dissecting microscope, was developed in 1924. It uses, in essence, two compound microscopes at once, one for each eye, that in conjunction allow the image ... Read More »

What Is the Function of a Stereo Microscope?

A stereo microscope is also known as a dissecting microscope. They are used primarily to inspect small objects, because they have a magnification up to twenty times greater than a typical compound ... Read More »

Who invented the stereo microscope?

The first stereo microscope was designed by American Horatio Greenough in the 1890s. The Carl Zeiss company, a German manufacturer of microscopes and other mechanical instruments, used this design ... Read More »