What is the definition of a spectrum analyzer?

Answer A spectrum analyzer is an instrument used to show the root mean square or RMS value from a waveform. The sine wave shows different points and the waves frequency for those points or peaks with a s... Read More »

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What Is a Video Bandwidth Spectrum Analyzer?

A spectrum analyzer studies characteristics of electromagnetic wave signals generated by electronic circuits. The video bandwidth is a control on a spectrum analyzer that reduces the amount of nois... Read More »

Audible Spectrum Definition?

The audible spectrum is the range of audio waves, from 20 Hz (cycles per second) to 20,000 Hz that is apparent to the average human ear. Sound below this range is called infrasound. Frequencies abo... Read More »

What is a power quality analyzer?

Power quality analyzers measure electrical power flowing through a system, including the common amount of power used and spikes or drops in the usage. Global Spec says, “Power quality analyzers c... Read More »

What is the file extension Analyzer?

The file extension Analyzer is a software program developed by Softpedia, for Windows computers. The software application identifies information about a graphic or executable file's format and how ... Read More »