What is the definition of a self supporting minor in Florida?

Answer An underage person who has completed the state's compulsory education requirements and is gainfully employed in an occupation where he or she earns enough money to pay for neccessities. Necessities... Read More »

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Who has rights to make decisions for a minor child when the parents are minorsand not supporting the child?

There are 2 things that matter in a legal standpoint when it comes to custody. Biology and paperwork. The Biological parents inherit the right to care for their child. If the parents are underage t... Read More »

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How old does a minor need to be to change his last name in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a minor of any age 17 or younger can change his name by having a parent or guardian file a petition for him with the Superior Court. If the minor has two parents, at least ... Read More »

If you are a minor can you drive alone in the state of Florida?

If you are a minor, you cannot drive alone unless you have a full driver's license.